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about us

Recently, Roberts Elevators & Lifts was contacted with the hopes of finding a mobility solution to keep a clients elderly mother at home. At a spry 90+ years of age, our client's mother was handling everything just fine on her own.  Concerns about a fall were increasing however, and the decision was made to find an alternative to the home's entry stairs in order to preserve the independence currently enjoyed by this fiesty lady.  

Through some discussions both online and over the telephone along with some photos shared showing the space, we were able to design home accessibility lift that would solve the problem.  One feature that was added to this wheelchair lift was an automatic gate opener for the upper landing. This auto-opener allows the user to simply press a button while still inside the home that will activate the upper gate, thereby allowing her to travel straight through and enter the platform.  By adding this element, we reduced the risk for further trips or falls while exiting the home due to attempts at managing both the home door and the wheelchair lift gate.

Success!  Our client and her Mom are very satisfied with the result, and even more pleased that independence has been maintained.

Before Installation:

Powell River Wheelchair Lift before installation


After Installation:

Powell River wheelchair lift after installation upPowell River wheelchair lift after installation down