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about us

Roberts Elevators & Lifts has been receiving an increasing number of requests for commercial vertical platform lifts (wheelchair lifts) to offer accessibility options to the public. Many locations do require a true commercial unit that will be permanently available to allow complete wheelchair or scooter accessibility to a building. In some cases however, a portable wheelchair lifting unit is very much an option to a public facility.

There a few specific limitations for the portable wheelchair lift unit that may or may not dictate its appropriateness for a situation:

• The location does not, by code, require a permanently fixed wheelchair accessibility unit
• Use of the wheelchair lift will be on occasion only; i.e. temporary access for a stage during a weekly church service or the occasional user requiring access to a particular exhibit at a museum
• The lifting height must be under 52”
• The maximum weight capacity must be less than 550lbs

The beauty of this portable wheelchair lift is that it easily rolls into place when it is required for use, and rolls away when not in use. It allows a facility to offer accessibility to a number of areas within a building all with a single unit (provided the maximum lift height is not exceeded).

It is important to note that a portable wheelchair accessibility lift is not intended to replace a lift that should be considered a permanent fixture within a space. It should be stored securely when not in use, and utilized only when necessary to allow accessibility for occasional access. It is quite likely that if your space is required by code to have permanent accessibility in the form of a ramp, elevator or commercial wheelchair lift, you will have to make the decision to go with a permanently placed unit.

For more information about portable wheelchair lifts, elevators or any other accessibility options, please contact Bobbi via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (604) 812-2292.

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