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In a previous post we featured a home elevator that was outfitted with glass accents in both the shaft way and the elevator’s entry doors.  Glass is one of many details Roberts Elevators & Lifts can use to enhance your unit, with stunning results.

Most home elevators utilize contractor supplied, standard interior doors similar to the rest of the house.   Our installation team fits these doors with specialized locking mechanisms that “talk” to the elevator, thereby preventing the doors from opening when the carriage is not at that floor.  These simple doors are designed to blend in and make the elevator look much like any other room, and are a very common design choice for many homes.  Some designs however, allow the elevator to be showcased within the home, becoming more of a focal point. Victory Sliding Doors are yet another eye catching detail that can completely change the look of your home elevator.

Much like commercial elevators, the Victory Doors are stainless steel and slide open from one side to the other.  Adding these to a home elevator give a sleek and modern look, bringing the elevator to the forefront of the home design.  The process to install these doors is somewhat different from the standard doors, so be sure to check in with us to determine a minimum shaft size dimensions and framing changes required to accommodate the doors.

For a standout finish, consider these grand sliding doors.  Contact Roberts Elevators & Lifts today for a home elevator quotation.

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