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Roberts Elevators & Lifts

We supply, install and service our complete line of elevating devices.

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about us

Let’s be honest – elevators can be quite boring.  Think about it: an enclosed box moves up and down to get you from one floor to another.  The thing that makes an elevator interesting is the very thing that makes it different from the rest – interior design.

Andrew Helmer, of Stonehelm Construction (White Rock, BC), took his most recent elevator project to a new dimension for us.  Not uncommonly, it was decided to go with a glass cab to feature water views on three levels.  Andrew took it a notch further and made 3 surrounding shaftway walls glass as well.  Roberts Elevators & Lifts needs one solid wall of triple 2x6 studs to secure the elevator support rails, which leaves a less than aesthetic wall behind, and of course in full view with a glass cab and shaft.  What do do?  After speaking with us regarding the specifics of the rail wall, Andrew went ahead an applied a facade of decorative stone to the rail wall – offering stunning results.  

The outcome is an amazing glass hoistway offering spectacular water views, a glass elevator also highlighting the views while in motion, and a remarkable and stylish travel wall, open to full sight on each level.

I won’t say much more than this:  if you can dream it, we can build it.  Glass to wood, mirrors to stainless steel.  We have seen it all, and can help you make it work.  Contact us today for a quotation - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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