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We supply, install and service our complete line of elevating devices.

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about us

A new project was brought to us this Spring in Vancouver, that involved a the installation of a wheelchair lift so that our client could bring his father home from rehabilitation.  He recently suffered a traumatic brain event, and as such has been left somewhat unstable at times which necessitates the use of either a wheelchair or a walker for his safety.   

The main concern was getting the gentleman into the home.  The main floor allowed him living space, but in order to access this floor, a set of 6 stairs needed to be dealt with.  This is where Roberts Elevators & Lifts was able to help.

After visiting the home, we were able to quickly assess the best location for a Trus<T> Lift wheelchair lift, as well as the modifications that would be necessary for proper installation.  We were able to suggest a few local contractors that would be able to help with the concrete pouring, as well as the railing work required, and spoke in detail with our customer about the installation process ahead.

A 52” travel height was all this family needed to allow safe passage onto the deck and into the home.  This project ended up being very straightforward, and yet provided level of safety to the user that would not otherwise be possible.

For information on how a wheelchair lift might work for your space, please call Bobbi @ (604) 812-2292.


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