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Roberts Elevators & Lifts

We supply, install and service our complete line of elevating devices.

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about us

Roberts Elevators &amp; Lifts Trust Lift ProductsTRUS<T>LIFT:

Mobility is a critical element to maintaining your independence.  Our job at Roberts Elevators & Lifts is to help you achieve this freedom within your own home, and our wheelchair lift (also known as a vertical platform lift, porch lift or VPL), is our best tool.  The TRUS<T>LIFT is CANADIAN made by RAM Manufacturing, and is fitted with our patented “Soft Touch” controls which allow users with limited strength easier access with large controls rather than small buttons.  The TRUS<T>LIFT brochure can be downloaded here.

The TRUS<T>LIFT design remains focused on safety and reliability, making it our most popular home mobility unit.  It can be configured to suit a large variety of situations for inside the home or outside to the deck or porch. Residential or commercial, open or enclosed - we have the vertical platform lift for you.

The TRUS<T>LIFT wheelchair lift is renowned due to its superior performance over the long term. It is consistently rated best in class for dependability, boasting low maintenance requirements and a long lifespan. Roberts Elevators & Lifts not only offers sales and installation for our wheelchair lifts, but we are also happy to provide annual maintenance to keep your unit in top form over the long term.

roberts elevators lifts about usCRYSTAL ELEVATOR:

Introducing the CRYSTAL ELEVATOR, Roberts Elevators & Lifts most popular custom home elevator option.  This unit utilizes an all electric drive mechanism with a small 1.5hp motor.  No fluids and no machine room - this is your "green" home elevator option using up to 50% less energy than other comparable products!  The CRYSTAL ELEVATOR brochure can be viewed here.  

Some key CRYSTAL Home ELEVATOR features include:

  • Rigid Guide Rail System made of powder coated structural steel
  • Counter Balanced Traction Sheave Drive 
  • Zero Pit or Minimal 3" Pit (compared to a typical 6 to 12" requirement)
  • Custom carriage size and design to fit in virtually any space
  • No separate machine room is necessary with the CRYSTAL ELEVATOR because the drive system is contained within the elevator shaftway
  • Maxiumum vertical travel of 50 feet, at 37 feet per minute
  • 1.5 hp, 3 phase motor with variable frequency speed control allows for a quiet and smooth ride
  • The CRYSTAL ELEVATOR is designed and built in CANADA. Our Canadian manufacturer aims to far exceed minimum the requirements when it comes to the safety in both the electrical and mechanical elements of the system

Home elevators are quickly becoming a standard convienience in new homes.  Please call us today to begin the process of designing a home elevator for your space.


The STRATUS ELEVATOR is Roberts Elevators & Lifts next generation, smaller home elevator.  The design of the STRATUS is specifically geared towards home renovations, or 2 level homes with less than 14 feet of total vertical travel.  The STRATUS a unique combination of our best selling units, utilizing the CRYSTAL ELEVATOR style carriage, with the drive mechanism of the RAM TRUS<T>LIFT.  With similar styling options to the CRYSTAL ELEVATOR, the result is an economical, reliable smaller elevator for the home.  The STRATUS ELEVATOR brochure can be viewed here

Key Features for the STRATUS ELEVATOR include:

  • QuietCab technology - allows for quick and easy installation while keeping the ride quiet and lightweight
  • Acme Screw Drive Mechanism - field tested for more than 20 years, and proven to be incredibly reliable for long term use
  • All electric design = no hydraulic fluids to be concerned with or maintain
  • All sliding surfaces are coated with an engineered, self lubricating polymer which allows for the smoothest, quiestest ride possible
  • Standard sizing (9, 11 and 14 feet with 3 carriage sizes) allow prices to remain economical while still offering the most sytlish home applicance availble
  • Zero requirement for a machine room, and just a 2" pit for flush entry on the lower level
  • As with all RAM products, the STRATUS ELEVATOR is designed and produced here in Canada and exceeds all applicable saftey requirements

Whether you are planning a new home or intend to renovate your exisiting property; plan for a STRATUS ELEVATOR to take your home to the next level of comfort, convienience and accessibility, for the long term.